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ーMechanic Workforce Dispatch Supportー


No experience OK

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Annual income up


Off on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

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Daily/Weekly pay is ok

\Support from a dedicated consultant!/

Increase in annual income! Desired location! No customer service! etc...

To achieve a job that brings greater satisfaction than your current one, our dedicated consultants will provide full support!


We offer a large number of jobs offers according to your working style !

Annual income:
4 million yen and above

High hourly wage

2 days off per week

Annual holidays:
125 days or more

We will introduce you to jobs that fulfill your desires of valuing family time and earning a stable income.

We will introduce you to jobs that fulfill your desires of valuing family time and earning a stable income.

Leave it to us, sounds good!

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we have 14 years of experience in the human resources services

Sounds Good provides tailored services utilizing the expertise gained over 14 years as a comprehensive talent services company, including talent acquisition and support for employees, ensuring a high level of attention to detail.


Familiarity with the automotive industry

Our consultants, well-versed in the automotive industry, will support your job search. We have a wide range of job opportunities, including car washing and transport services, that are suitable for beginners with no prior experience.

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We have our office at 16 locations nationwide.


We have a wide range of job opportunities not only in the automotive industry but also in other sectors.

Sounds Good has branch offices in 16 locations across Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, enabling us to provide job introductions nationwide.

We have a wide range of job opportunities available, including maintenance work for construction and manufacturing machinery, in addition to the automotive industry. We will propose job options that align with your career plan.

 - Case studies of job transitions - 

No change in working conditions, but increased annual income!

Age: 30 years old Occupation: Mechanic Area: Kanagawa

Concern: Unclear evaluation system leading to no salary increase...

Expanded range of responsibilities and increased annual income!

Annual income  

 3.5 million yen → 4 million yen

I want to prioritize spending time with my family, especially with the birth of my child.

Age: 28 years old Occupation: Mechanic Area: Chiba

Concern: Long working hours with few days off...

Join a company with excellent working conditions and employee benefits!

Annual vacation days

 110 days → 120 days

Monthly overtime

 40 hours  10 hours


\Reasons for achieving career advancement/


We introduce carefully selected job opportunities from a wide range of trusted clients across Japan!


Our dedicated consultants will bring out your strengths and help you organize your selling points!


We provide support for workplace visits before employment to prevent mismatched hiring!

Start working in as little as 1 week after applying!


Get started by

registering now!


Hearing consultation


Job introduction




Workspace visit


Job start!

From registration to job start, it can be as quick as 1 week, although typically we expect around 3 weeks. We will provide support at a speed that suits your convenience.

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Please feel free to consult with us!

If you're not able to quit your current job right away... that's okay too! If you're looking for a better way of working, please don't hesitate to consult with us. Our dedicated consultants will empathetically propose a career plan tailored to you.

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